Having celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, the iconic Porsche Cayenne has finally earned a place within the Porsche Classic pantheon. Whilst it may not appeal as much to the performance car enthusiast as some of Porsche’s other models, there’s no denying that the Cayenne is an excellent luxury SUV, and one of the pioneers of the exponentially expanding arena of performance luxury SUVs today.

The latest generation of the Cayenne was revealed this week, but for an incredible adventure, Stefan Bogner looked to the past, to the first-generation Porsche Cayenne.

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Bogner set off in two first-generation Cayennes, on a rugged expedition going from Chile’s Puerto Montt to Argentina’s Ushuaia, a unique place called the “End of the World,” as the city claims the title of being the southernmost city on the globe. The two models were fitted with off-roading equipment provided by Porsche Classic and set off on a near 2,200-mile journey.

The first leg of the journey involved travelling from the Andes in the west of South America to the east, where both vehicles expertly navigated challenging terrain. Throughout the journey, whether it was rocks, dirt, mud, ice, or snowy roads, the first generation of the Cayenne showed its lasting brilliance in handling these various challenges and proved why it remains one of the most important models in Porsche’s legendary lineup.

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