Forget about the Audi 5000 as we're unofficially naming this metal monster the Audi 50000. Chinese automakers have quite the track record when it comes to cloning European designs, but this gargantuan contraption comes from an individual with probably too much free time on his hands. A video published on Reddit shows the colossus being driven under its own power.

You can tell the supersized oddity is properly huge by how often the cameraman zooms out to capture the whole thing. A smidge larger than American fullsize SUVs such as the Chevrolet Tahoe, this XXXL-sized replica of a first-generation Audi Q7 looks intimidating and we're wondering what powers it.  The only engine we think would be acceptable is the mighty V12 TDI offered between 2008 and 2012 with its torquetastic 738 pound-feet (1,000 Nm).


Although it may look a tad rudimentary, the oversized Q7 has some fancy features such as the electric tailgate and even an automatically deployable ladder in the rear bumper to climb inside the car. Well, not quite "inside" since the mastodon doesn't have any windows or glass where the panoramic sunroof would be in that massive roof cutout. It also does away with pesky headlights and taillights, but it does move and steer.

With no details about how it came to be, we can only speculate it's partially related to heavy-equipment machinery by using a leftover chassis wrapped around a makeshift body. Those meaty tyres certainly look as if they came from a big rig. With a bit of imagination, the scrap parts have been repurposed for an Audi Q7 replica that makes the Toyota Mega Cruiser look like a Yaris by comparison.