Update: Added new photos and information on the current state of the track-only Bugatti Bolide hypercar has it progresses through the development phase.

Just hours after sharing a couple of teaser images on social media, Bugatti offers a full view of its bonkers Bolide track-day hypercar in production form. That is, in its final production form, as we've previously seen a plethora of production-spec Bolide images. The new photos come with word that the Bolide is entering its next phase of development, a process that began back in 2021.

Bugatti Bolide Final Production Form

Bugatti doesn't specify what is different on the latest Bolide evolution, but we can clearly see a redesigned spoiler that dips down between the prominent fins at the corners. There could be some minor reshaping of the large air ducts at front as well, and the roof scoop looks a bit larger here. Sadly, Bugatti doesn't share new photos from the rear so we don't know if the huge diffuser and centre-mount quad-exhaust outlets are as prominent as they were. From the side, we can at least see they still exist. 

Far more than just a reskinned Chiron, Bugatti outlines the significant changes required to bring the Bolide to life. Mechanical updates to the suspension, transmission, and cooling systems are necessary to meld with the Bolide's bespoke body. Carving corners is a priority with this track-focused hypercar, and to that end, Bugatti says nearly every component has been analysed and redesigned to maximise performance while reducing weight. For now, the target is still 1,578 bhp from the quad-turbo W16, driving a package that weighs 1,450 kilograms (3,200 pounds).

"The Bolide is treading new ground for Bugatti," said Bugatti Automobiles President Christophe Piochon. "Never before has such a powerful engine been paired with an ultra-lightweight design to create a track car that delivers motorsport levels of performance."

When the production Bolide was announced in 2021, Bugatti said just 40 would be built at a price of €4 million each, which currently equals £3.5 million in GBP currency. That still holds true, and if things remain on schedule at the company, deliveries will commence next year.