Known across the world for making some of the most exquisite luxury cars ever, Rolls-Royce is an expert when it comes to craftsmanship and automotive excellence. With the reveal of the new Rolls-Royce Spectre, that expertise is being transferred to the world of electric vehicles for the first time, and in a place like Shanghai where the Spectre has debuted for the first time in China, the busiest city in a country where electric vehicles are being popularised more rapidly than most other places in the world, that is a very exciting prospect. In fact, Rolls-Royce has announced a future Private Office to be located in Shanghai, bringing the Rolls-Royce personalisation experience usually only available at Goodwood around the world.

While the Spectre’s electric powertrain exists in lieu of Rolls-Royce’s famed and celebrated V12 engines, it promises immense power and performance all the same, along with the brand’s very famous ride quality. In addition, Rolls-Royce also showed off bespoke commissions and its ability to create unique and luxurious cars at the show. The first is a Phantom Extended finished in Submariner Blue and Silver with a Rose Gold coachline and a Rose Gold Spirit of Ecstasy. Inside, Submariner Blue leather with Rose Gold stitching is paired with blue Piano Milori Sapphire veneer, as well as a blue Starlight headliner. The Phantom Gallery in the car has just under 48,000 stitches.

The second is a Black Badge Cullinan, finished in Iced Burnout Grey with black accents. Inside, Peony Pink and Scivaro Grey provide a stark contrast to the exterior, along with a pink Starlight headliner with “shooting star” details. The third is a Ghost finished in Olivin with Diamond Black, accented by a Seashell coachline. The tyres feature a similar white pinstripe. Inside, the front seats are upholstered in Black, while the back seats are upholstered in Seashell, with Iceland Moss stitching and piping, and Stained Black Ash veneers finish the car’s elegant look. Rolls-Royce’s artistry, luxury, and futuristic technology made for an incredible Shanghai Auto Show presence.

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