Bentley is known for making some of the most elegant luxury cars that money can buy, combining timeless proportions with incredible craftsmanship, high performance, and a wide range of colours and finishes. However, true fans of the Bentley brand would be remiss if they didn’t want to exude Bentley style in other areas of their lives, and that’s where extensions like Bentley Home come in.

With pieces designed using the same principles that inform the design of Bentley’s beautiful cars, Bentley Home is both modern and classic. For Milan Design Week, the Palazzo Chiesa Bentley Home Atelier has been transformed for the occasion of Bentley Home launching a new seven-piece collection.

Working with Frederico Peri, Carlo Colombo, as well as Riccardo Cavaciocchi for his Paper Factor’s Paper Marble finish, the collection consists of a coffee table, a side table, a dining table, a console table, a sofa, and a bed. Offering passionate Bentley enthusiasts a full Bentley lifestyle, the new Bentley Home collection boasts elegant pieces that complement Bentley’s elegant cars.

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