Lamborghini is celebrating its 60th anniversary by launching three limited-edition Huracan models. The anniversary editions of the Huracan STO, Huracan Tecnica, and Huracan EVO Spyder will have only 60 units each. All three will be unveiled at an exclusive event during Milan Design Week, with each car available in two different configurations.

The Huracan STO anniversary edition is inspired by the idea of high-performance athletic sportswear using tone-on-tone hues. The first features shades of blue, with the bodywork in Blu Aegeus embellished with elements in Blu Astraeus that can be combined with exposed carbon fibre elements with a Blu Mira finish. The interior features a combination of black and grey Alcantara, details in black, and contrasting embroidery in blue.

Gallery: Lamborghini Huracan 60th Anniversary Editions

The second version presents bodywork in grey and black combined with exposed carbon fibre, whilst the interior in black and grey Alcantara features stitching and leather details in red. Both come with 20-inch forged aluminium Hek rims with a matte black finish.

The two versions of the Huracan Tecnica anniversary edition draw motorsport inspiration, incorporating the colours of the Italian Tricolore flag. The first features bodywork in grey featuring details in black and red, while the interior comes in black Alcantara with details in red. The second version features white bodywork enhanced by lines in green, a colour repeated in the interior upholstered in black Alcantara. Both special versions come with 20-inch Damiso shiny black rims.

The Huracan Evo Spyder edition dedicated to the 60th anniversary can be configured with bodywork in blue with contrasting white details. The same color scheme is used for the interior in black Alcantara, embellished with embroidery in blue and piping in white. The alternative version features bodywork in green combined with white and the interior is upholstered with black Alcantara combined with red and white. Both special versions come with 20-inch Damiso shiny black rims.

To highlight the uniqueness of these special series Huracans, each is adorned with a "1 of 60" carbon fibre plate and the logo "60th" painted on the doors and embroidered on the seats. The cars will be unveiled on April 21 at the Segheria in Milan, an exhibition space that will also host the first European appearance of the new Lamborghini Revuelto.