The image shared last week of what was widely reported to be the revised Tesla Model 3 has now been confirmed as authentic by a reliable source. Per Teslascope on Twitter, the design is a prototype build of the "Project Highland" Model 3. A trusted source "with some relation" to Tesla confirmed the photo was of an actual test vehicle.

The source outlined the key aesthetic differences between the new Model 3 and the existing one. Notably, the updated Model 3 features "Model S style headlights" and no fog lights. The source also confirmed the Model 3 would be getting new interior seats. And as previously reported, interior wood is likely to be removed in favour of a a cloth accent trim.


In terms of powertrain upgrades, we have no information currently. However, expect the new Model 3 to be even more efficient than the current iteration. It should also be marginally less expensive, with Tesla focusing heavily on making production as cheap as possible.

For reference, the Model 3 currently starts at £42,990 for the RWD variant. In the UK you can also order the Long Range and Performance versions of the Model 3 which are priced at £50,990 and £57,990, respectively.

The Model 3 has been on sale since 2017, with almost 2 million units sold to date. Currently only its larger twin, the Model Y, outsells it. As you would expect, the Y will receive a near identical facelift to the Model 3. And as is usually the case with facelifted Teslas, production will begin almost as soon as the updated models are revealed. When will that be? Q3 2023, reportedly.