Mansory gets its hands on the Rolls-Royce Dawn again after the Silver Bullet Edition that was introduced in 2021. This time, the controversial tuner veered away from the "fabled roadster of the 1920s" theme and goes for a clean makeover that still visually stands out.

Called the Pulse Edition, the modified Rolls-Royce Dawn takes after the Silver Bullet edition (save for the side skirts) but with a body that's completely painted in white. There's even a tiny spoiler on the edge of the boot cover, as well as a sporty diffuser – both painted white, as well. Even the 22-inch V.6 wheels are painted white.

Gallery: Mansory Rolls-Royce Dawn Pulse Edition

The aftermarket specialist then used orange accents to make the car pop out, and that includes the roof, a part of the grille, the headlights, and even the Spirit of Ecstasy, among others. Mansory didn't mention the materials used for the kits used, but knowing the company, we expect carbon fibre as the main recipe.

The orange-on-white theme continues inside, and that includes the matting, the seats, and the steering wheel that unsurprisingly pops out with that very radiant and citrus colour. Mansory didn't provide information about the materials used in the cabin but again, knowing the automaker, we're expecting top-shelf materials thrown into the mix.

In terms of performance, Mansory mentioned that the Dawn Pulse Edition comes with a newly developed sports suspension and a high-performance sports exhaust system with white quad-tailpipes. No final figures for the engine output were mentioned but if the Silver Bullet Edition is any indication, the tuning firm can push the output to 730 bhp and 738 pound-feet (1,000 Newton-metres) of torque with a simple ECU tune.

As reported, Rolls-Royce is ending the production of the Wraith and Dawn this 2023, with order books already closed last year. That said, this Mansory Pulse Edition is directed toward current Dawn owners who want something fresh for their convertible.