Ineos Automotive confirms officially a new model for a market launch in 2026. The company that builds the Grenadier as an ideological successor to the classic Land Rover Defender “that doesn’t leak and is comfortable,” makes the announcement with a press release focused on its partnership with Magna. The two firms will work together on the development and production of the new all-electric all-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle.

Not much is known at the moment, but Ineos says the new product will be a unique proposition in the SUV segment. It will be smaller than the Grenadier and will deliver “world-class off-road capability, without compromising on-road comfort or performance.” The production of the off-roader will take place at Magna’s plant in Graz, Austria, while part of the development process will also include a testing programme on the country’s Schockl mountain.

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“Having worked together on the engineering of the Grenadier, we’ve seen first-hand the value of applying Magna’s agility, knowledge, and experience to a complete vehicle development programme. Deepening our collaboration is a natural next step as we use the Grenadier as a springboard for our continued growth as a global automotive brand with this third model line,” Lynn Calder, CEO of Ineos Automotive, comments.

The company doesn’t want to share more preliminary details regarding the new 4x4 electric SUV, though. However, from a recent report, we know the EV will likely sit on a bespoke new platform with a targeted range of about 250 miles (400 kilometres) per charge. It will "look like a younger brother" of the Grenadier, which likely means a rugged and boxy exterior styling shared with the company’s first production model.

If that report is correct, Ineos will probably launch at least one more new SUV in the coming years. There’s speculation about a second electrically-powered vehicle with more focus on urban usage and a slightly more refined design. A flagship luxury SUV based on the Grenadier is also reportedly under consideration.

Note: Ineos Grenadier pictured in the article.