Youtuber Ed Bolian has been hunting down El Chapo's McLaren F1 for over three years. The car in question is chassis number 39. For context, McLaren only produced 106 F1s, including its various special editions.

Bolian began by digging up the car's ownership history, which revealed that it was initially built for then-McLaren CEO Ron Dennis. However, after his wife rejected the car due to its brown exterior and red interior topped with gold wheels, he ordered a second car finished in silver. 

Understandably, there's a gap in the car's history, but eventually, it ends up in Mexico, specifically in the hands of the Sinaloa cartel. Ed tracked the car as it changed hands, but the trail went cold as its presumed owner died in a gunfight. That's where the story left off last year. 

In a new update embedded above, Ed reveals that the car is not even in Mexico. According to Bolian, the car was actively being driven around by a member of the cartel when he got shot. However, the vehicle was stolen during this attack and is now in Panama or Colombia. Of course, it goes without saying that verifying these claims is nearly impossible, especially as no one has seen the car in decades. 

Although Ed acknowledges that the hunt is officially over, he does mention that he's still willing to purchase or trade a different car for the infamous F1. But, if these recent developments are true, the chances he'll ever hear back are slim to none.