Rolls-Royce is named after Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, and it was in May 1904 when the two met, beginning their quest to make “the best motor car in the world.” Where they met: the Midland Hotel of Manchester, England.

With Manchester being an important city to Rolls-Royce’s century-long history, it’s amazing that it has taken nearly 119 years for Manchester to serve as the inspiration for a bespoke Rolls-Royce, but however long it’s taken, Rolls-Royce has revealed the new Manchester Ghost, a bespoke one-of-one Rolls-Royce Ghost inspired by the city of Manchester and its role in the historic ultra-luxury brand’s foundation.

One of the most important symbols of the city is the Manchester Bee, a symbol of the “worker bees” of the city and the idea that Manchester is a metaphorical hive of industry and culture. The bee symbol is featured throughout the car, in the C pillar and seats. The Illuminated Fascia of the car uses 10,000 laser-etched dots to depict a birds-eye view of Manchester, with the largest dot placed where the Midland Hotel would be.

The seats also feature embroidery of various Manchester landmarks, while other touches in the car pay tribute to the innovations the city is responsible for. The headliner features graphene, a material discovered in Manchester in 2004, while the treadplates read “MCR” in binary, a reference to the historic “Manchester Baby” computer from 1948, an important moment in the history of computers. With references to the amazing city of Manchester throughout, this new bespoke Rolls-Royce is a stunning homage to very old history.

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