The third-generation Kia Picanto was introduced back in 2017 during the Geneva Motor Show as the company’s smallest hatchback for the European market and some other regions around the world. It was never meant to be more than just a cute and frugal city car but as it turns out, the hatch is actually pretty good at going through deep water.

A video circulating social media and Reddit shows a white third-gen Picanto approaching a flooded street. We don’t know where the short clip was shot but judging by the surrounding vehicles and infrastructure, it looks like a European city, probably somewhere in Italy. Unfortunately, the quality of the footage isn’t great and we can’t see the number plate.

But that’s not really the important part here. The white Picanto enters the giant puddle and it seems that the driver has no idea how deep the water is. The lorry on the other side of the water that is seemingly stuck doesn’t impress the hatchback’s driver and they continue without knowing the vehicle will soon turn into a boat. And when that happens, everything goes out of control.

Naturally, the front wheels are not doing any job when all four tyres are in deep water. The Picanto dangerously approaches the lorry but then, the flow rotates the vehicle and it narrowly misses hitting the truck. Seconds after that, the white hatch contacts the road again and goes out of the water.

After watching the video a few times, we are equally impressed by the lack of thoughtful judgment from the Picanto’s driver and the vehicle’s ability to cross deep waters. Perhaps, with the model’s upcoming facelift, Kia could work on a more off-road-focused version given its unexpected and hidden potential.