Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? It certainly wasn't Nismo as Nissan's in-house tuner keeps finding ways to improve the GT-R even though the R35 generation has been around since 2007. In its domestic market, Godzilla is now available with "Sports Resetting" Type-1 and Type-2 packages tailored to the 2024 model year but also older cars. The former is for the spicy Nismo while the latter is compatible with the regular variant.

The 2024 Nissan GT-R Nismo with the Type-1 package has had its speed limiter changed "for the purpose of avoiding danger due to speed difference when driving on the circuit." We're not exactly sure what that means but we do know owners of the 2024 GT-R Nismo interested in taking their supercars to the track will have to pay 297,000 yen for the kit. That works out to approximately £1,800 at current exchange rates. The upgrade consists of a different engine control module. The dedicated ECM can be installed in all 2017-2024 GT-Rs while the 2015MY cars also get a transmission control module (TCM). Pricing depends on the model year.

2024 Nissan GT-R (JDM)

The Type-2 package is more interesting since it enables extra torque in the low and medium speed range for better acceleration. It too consists of a new ECM and TCM, along with additional tuning by changing the boost pressure and recalibrating the gearbox for quicker changes. Nismo is charging 341,000 yen or $2,600 and says the kit is compatible with 2009-2024 models.

These join a Type-3 kit available for the 2007-2009 models with all the goodies of the Type-2 plus a retuned engine that "maximizes the potential of the VR38." It'll set you back 330,000 yen or £2,050. For cars already fitted with the Type-2, Nismo is charging 220,000 yen (£1,325).

A last hurrah is still believed to be in the works for the R35 generation, and in the meantime, Nissan is working on an electric conversion of an R32.