In the year Caterham turns 50, the company will move to a brand new home. Located in Dartford, Kent, the building will house Caterham’s all production, engineering, motorsport, and commercial employees under one roof. The new industrial park is called Dartford X and is located close to the firm’s existing factory.

The facility isn’t completely finished yet but Caterham expects to have all the operations completed towards the end of this year. The move to a new headquarters is part of the manufacturer’s bigger plan to increase its production capacity by 50 percent to approximately 750 cars per year. Of course, the process will continue to be performed by hand. In addition to boosting production capacity, the new facility will also offer factory tours, special events, and vehicle handovers.

Gallery: Caterham's new HQ

“It’s fitting that, in our 50th anniversary year, we can invest in new premises to facilitate our ambitions, for the future of the Seven and the brand as a whole. The site not only increases our production capacity but enables us to advance our manufacturing capabilities in a modern setting. It will be a fantastic new home for the brand, our employees, and our customers past, present and future to visit,” Bob Laishley, CEO of Caterham, comments.

The 54,000-square-foot facility is built after Caterham’s owners, VT Holdings – one of Japan’s largest retailer groups – invested several million dollars into the company. Caterham has been building cars in the South East of England since its original launch in 1973. Initially, the firm was based in the city of Caterham but moved to Kennet Road in Dartford in 1987. 

Some of Caterham’s most recent products include the Seven 340 with available road and track packages, as well as the Super Seven 600 and 2000 mixing retro styling with modern technology. There are also rumours of an all-electric vehicle from the brand’ but nothing is official yet.