A photo of what looks like the Tesla Model 3 refresh – a.k.a. Project Highland – is doing the rounds online just a few months before the facelifted electric saloon is scheduled to enter production. 

Posted on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit by user ffiarpg, the image shows a vehicle that clearly features Tesla's design language, despite the fact it lacks visible Tesla badging – at least at the front. While the vehicle in the photo is partially covered, the front end is fully exposed, along with a big chunk of the side profile and the wheels.

If this is indeed the refreshed Tesla Model 3, it is getting some significant styling changes compared to the current model, including new headlights, a new front bumper, new wheels, and more. 

The headlights feature a more horizontal layout than on the current model and appear slimmer and more aggressive as well, looking like a combination of Tesla Model S and Roadster 2.0 headlamps. You probably also noticed that this vehicle lacks fog lights, likely because their function is now performed by the headlights.


As for the bumper, it looks sportier as well, with a round shape and a sharp lip at the lower end. The alloy wheel design is also new and appears to fit the car's design. Peeking through the windscreen in this photo reveals the upper part of the centre display, which appears to be slightly angled towards the driver for better ergonomics.

Speaking of the interior, Tesla is expected to update the dashboard and replace the wood trim with a fabric finish, possibly the same Alcantara found in the Model S and Model X. 

That's about everything we are able to spot in this photo, but the rear end is also expected to feature significant changes since Tesla Model 3 Project Highland prototypes spotted in recent months always featured fully camouflaged front and rear ends.

According to a recent report citing an unnamed insider, the refreshed Model 3 is also getting a redesigned rear bumper. Interestingly, the vehicle in this photo appears to feature most of the changes announced by the source, making the image all the more intriguing.

The user who uploaded the photo only had this to say about it, "I don't work for Tesla and I don't care about points. Just wanted to share it." Obviously, we can't confirm that this is indeed the Model 3 Project Highland. The r/TeslaMotors community appears to be split on this one.