It's been 20 years since Bentley crossed the finish line ahead of all others at the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans. To commemorate the occasion, the British luxury brand will build 48 special Continental GTs with a race-themed appearance package, appropriately called the Le Mans Collection. But it's more than just special paint with neat badges.

Before diving into the Continental GT Le Mans Collection, let's quickly revisit 2003. Bentley competed at the famous race in the Prototype category with the Speed 8, running two cars. Team Bentley crossed the line to take first and second spots, their twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engines having survived the endurance challenge with ease.

Gallery: Bentley Le Mans Collection

That's noteworthy, because the valves of the actual race-winning engine are among the aesthetic enhancements for the Le Mans Collection. 24 valves from the engine have been cut in half; each car gets one in a small display on the dash where you'd normally find the central dial on the three-gauge analogue cluster. The display also features the car's specific production number, while identifying it as a Le Mans Collection vehicle.

Other special touches include Bentley's traditional analogue clock, switched from a 12-hour format to 24 for obvious reasons. Sill plates and dash trim feature the six-wreath emblem that marks all of Bentley's Le Mans wins through the years. Outside, the cars receive a meticulous coat of Verdant Green with a prominent white racing stripe on the bonnet. Bentley will offer the Le Mans Collection for both coupes and the Continental GTC drop-top; the stripe continues over the roof for hard tops.

Regardless of the roof, all cars get the number 7 painted white on the grille – the number worn by the race-winning Speed 8 in 2003. You'll also find bespoke pinstriping on the interior and down low on the exterior, and yes, there are special 24h badges that identify this car as something over and above the normal Bentley Continental.

Bentley doesn't specify costs or availability for the Continental GT Le Mans Collection, nor is there a breakdown of production for coupes or convertibles. The run of 48 will be for global markets, however, so it will be an extremely rare vehicle.