Living Vehicle has unveiled its latest model, the 2024 HD. It's designed to go completely off-grid with gobs of solar energy. Of note, the Living Vehicle claims that the HD is the most powerful, solar-powered, and all-electric luxury travel trailer on the market.

The HD PRO model offers 72 kilowatt-hour of energy storage and 18 kilowatts of power, which runs all onboard electrical equipment, including electric heating and cooling. The Living Vehicle can operate entirely off-grid, allowing users to enjoy the great outdoors without the restrictions and limitations of urban-based utilities. The HD PRO also features a wall-to-wall solar capacity of up to 6 kW, making it one of the most solar-powered caravans on the market.

Gallery: 2024 Living Vehicle HD Solar-Powered Trailer

The Living Vehicle HD is designed to withstand even the harshest environments, with a fully insulated rigid closed-cell foam insulation that keeps the inside cool in environments that reach 120°F or higher. It can also thrive in below-freezing temperatures, with the company claiming an industry-first sub-zero, dual-zone 240V Mini-Split electric heating system.

The HD series is a custom-built unit that offers multiple bedroom configuration options and can sleep up to eight adults. It features the company's flagship suites that provide over 150 square feet (14 square metres) of storage space and a 6-ft (182 centimetres) full-height closet, along with a zero-gravity lounge paired with a 4K home theatre system.

The HD also includes a mobile office with an 80-inch dual workstation and folding bed system, a fully customisable "creative studio" with high-end Mac and Apple devices, and a Starlink Flat Satellite dish that provides a dedicated Wi-Fi network.

The HD lineup is fully committed for 2023, and production is underway, with deliveries commencing in 2024 at a starting price of $459,995 (approx. £370,300). For adventurers who want to explore further without sacrificing essential amenities, Living Vehicle also plans to release a 24-foot LT series, which can comfortably accommodate two to four people and starts at $359,995 (£290,000).