We've featured several restoration works done here at Motor1, and not a single one of them is a cinch. Vehicle detailing and restoration are meticulous processes that warrant professionals, especially when it comes to classic cars that use delicate materials.

But what if you scale the car down to the size of your hand? That's what we have here – a restoration work on a Pagani Zonda F scale model that's already rusting away. And apparently, the process is just as painful as it was done on a full-sized vehicle, as seen in this video posted by Restoration Kamasutra on YouTube.

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The restoration work began by inspecting the scale model to determine its current condition. The model was found to be in extremely poor condition, with several parts missing or damaged. There's an awful amount of rust on the exterior, which had already damaged the paint finish. The scale model had to be disassembled, removing all the damaged and broken parts. Some parts also needed replacement, which needed a 3D printing process.

The next step was to carefully remove the rusty old paint using a special solvent and then sand to create a smooth surface. After the primer, several coats of paint were used to replicate an automobile paint job. And just like in real cars, the repainting process of the body was concluded with a clear coat, sanding, and buffing.

The interior of the Zonda F scale model needed work, too, which involved meticulous processes only experts would know. Interestingly, even the carpeting seen on real cars were replicated, plus some more painting that involved air and traditional brushes. Even the engine behind the seats required repainting, along with the wheels, brake callipers, and every minute detail of the scale model.

To finish things off, the restored parts were reassembled and checked, making sure that each part are secured and none are missing. The video above was over 16 minutes long, though we can guarantee you, witnessing such expert craftsmanship would be worth your time.