Here's a fascinating, little European camper van. The Seat Terra is the commercial version of the Marbella, which is a rebadged Fiat Panda. The British motorhome maker Danbury converted it into a tiny camper.

This specific example has some interesting options and upgrades. It wears a front air dam with foglights in the lower corners. The owner fits a set of Alfa Romeo wheels. Inside, there are aftermarket speakers and front seats that are also from an Alfa Romeo.

Power comes from a Volkswagen-sourced 1.3-litre diesel engine that makes around 43 bhp. While the van gets good fuel economy, it's slow. Acceleration to 60 miles per hour takes about 26 seconds. Judging by this video, the driver needs to row the gears a lot to make the most of the engine on the road.

The front portion of the cabin is very simple. A storage trough is on the dashboard. The instruments don't include a tachometer.

The camper makes the most of the small amount of space in the back. A pop-up roof allows occupants to stand up. The seating converts into two beds. Lifting up the cushions reveals hinged sections that open to provide access to a two-burner cooktop and a sink. The owner can even set up a table for enjoying a meal. On the outside, there are power and water hookups.

There's plenty of storage inside. Pouches are above the windows, and there are other hidden spots. Curtains provide privacy when it's time for bed.

According to the video, there are just three of these campers registered in the United Kingdom. The owner of this one also has another, but it doesn't run.

A tiny camper like this would be great for a single person or a couple who are going for a weekend getaway.