Collecting cars is an expensive hobby that few people have the resources to enjoy. Or rather, collecting real cars is expensive. Not that building a nice 1:18-scale diecast collection isn't without cost, but we're still talking in the hundreds or thousands of dollars as opposed to six or seven figures. Point being, it's within reach of the average car nut.

However, there's nothing average about this particular 1:18 scale collection. That's because it's featured in a very cool video depicting a 1:18-scale detail shop, and it's not just a little garage made of styrofoam with a clear window and some small lights. This diorama is featured on the Miniature Automobiles YouTube channel, and aside from the occasional glimpse of people looking unnaturally stiff (or the occasional gigantic hand moving a car), this could pass for the real deal.

It's a full-on car detailing studio, complete with a showroom to display aftermarket wheels, desks for sales staff, multiple garages for washing and waxing, and how about those neatly labelled boxes that are everywhere? Look closely and you'll see various warning signs often found in repair shops hanging on walls. There are tiny bottles of cleaning products on workbenches. The big industrial garage doors look legit. Even the concrete floor looks like, well, concrete. Those are some mighty dirty floors too, so apparently, the vehicles coming in for a clean-up are really neglected.

Speaking of which, the fun video opens with an Audi RS Q8 spending some time "off-road" before heading into the shop for some paint protection. A Range Rover is next in line for a car wash, followed by a 1:18 scale Volkswagen T-Cross unboxing. It's dropped into the detail shop for some paint correction, and then it's time for another PPF job, this time on a BMW 5 Series. And remember those wheels on display? The sports saloon gets some new rims to go with the shiny finish.

The video doesn't mention how long it took to create this scene, nor does the video description. And if this all seems a bit familiar, we saw another video from Miniature Automobiles back in January, depicting a shockingly realistic Mercedes-Benz dealership. As with that video, the details along with exceptional lighting and camera work bring it all to life. We can't wait to see future projects from this talented artist.