A video went viral over the weekend involving a painful Corvette crash. Posted over on Tiktok by a user named beach_pirate, a classic 1962 Chevy Corvette was seen falling off an auto transporter. Based on the video, the crew was trying to unload the Corvette from the second level of the transporter. Unfortunately, the car rolled off the ramp, hitting the asphalt with a loud thud, representing the owner's hopes and dreams echoing off to oblivion.

Naturally, commenters were shocked that the lift did not have some sort of fail-safe to prevent such an incident, while others suggested that there should have been a lip on the end of the unloader to prevent the car from rolling backward.


However, looking closely at the video embedded above, you'll see that the crew did put on some kind of a stopper near the edge of the unloader. Unfortunately, the car just had too much momentum as it moved backward and rolled over the chock in place.

It was not clear who was responsible for the accident, but the owner of the classic Corvette would likely have to go through the shipper's insurance company to seek compensation for the damages. It did, however, highlight the importance of proper loading and securing of vehicles during transportation. 

There were concerns also raised about the extent of the damage to the Corvette. Some commenters speculated that the car was likely totalled in the crash, given the massive frame damage it would have sustained upon impact. The suspension of the car was also likely harmed, plus the evident damages on the rear-end fibreglass and chrome bumpers.

There's nothing more painful than seeing your car getting wrecked right before your eyes. More so it's a classic Corvette, which likely had gone through months of extensive restoration work to bring it back to pristine condition. We sure do hope the owner gets compensated in full without going through hoops as losing your beloved classic car was definitely bad enough.