Tesla’s GigaBier limited edition pilsner was announced a week ago and now customers have started receiving their boxes with Cybertruck-inspired lager bottles.

Among the first people to get the rather expensive three-packs are Twitter users Steven Bink and SustainableAap, who posted pictures of their purchases online, although it seems that none of them have actually tasted the alcoholic beverage.

At around €89 (approx. £78) for a single box of three, it’s very possible that the Tesla-branded beer will end up as nothing more than a collectable item, just like the Tesla Tequila from a few years ago which sold out in just a couple of hours after being announced.


As for the GigaBier, it comes in a black box with three pretty stylish angular-shaped bottles that are safely placed in a foam holder to prevent damage during shipment. By the looks of it, the bottles seem to be covered in a plastic wrap and a plastic cap that has to be taken off to reveal the regular metal cap.

There’s a Tesla logo at the top of each bottle, as well as on the cardboard box lid, and this first batch of beers seem to have an expiration date sometime in September 2023.

As a reminder, the American EV manufacturer’s GigaBier was first announced in late 2021 during the Giga Fest event at the Berlin Gigafactory and was officially put on sale in Europe at the end of March 2023 for €89 for a pack of three, 330-millilitre (11-ounce) bottles.

The official website for the Berlin-brewed lager describes it as follows:

“Tesla GigaBier is designed to emulate the form of Cybertruck while honoring the 500-year tradition of German Reinheitsgebot beermaking. Enjoy this limited edition pilsner-style beer brewed in Berlin with our exclusive strain of Cyberhops and notes of citrus, bergamot, and sweet fruit. Each bottle features a seamless gloss black sleeve with a glow-in-the-dark Giga watermark. Prost!”

In the United States, the GigaBier isn’t available yet and there is no indication if American customers will ever be able to get their hands on the Cybertruck-inspired Pilsner.