A new and very different era for Lamborghini has arrived in the form of the Revuelto, a car that ushers in hybrid technology to the Fighting Bull’s flagship supercar. The result: over 1,000 bhp and full electric driving capability for practicality and flexibility.

Befitting to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Lamborghini, the introduction of the Revuelto is one of the most important events in recent Lamborghini history, and its introduction to the United States needed to be monumental in kind.

The United States is Lamborghini’s biggest sales market, and with plenty of important clients, Lamborghini decided to reveal the Revuelto to stateside customers, VIPs, and media at a private event in New York City’s Chelsea Arts District before the New York International Auto Show. Held at the Lamborghini Lounge, guests were surrounded by Lamborghini’s distinct futuristic branding and spirit as the revolutionary new supercar was unveiled.

With its immense power and incredible engineering, the new Lamborghini Revuelto stands on the shoulders of every Lamborghini flagship supercar that came before it in its excellence, and the United States is where Lamborghini customers are the most excited to see that excellence in action.

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