The Passione Ferrari Club Challenge ventures outside the normal realm of competitive racing, improving driver lap times using telemetry devices and the knowledge of expert Ferrari instructors.

Whilst most Ferrari supercars are not designed to battle harsh winter conditions, the Passione Ferrari Club Challenge finds itself in the sub-zero temperatures of Sweden to race Ferrari 488 Challenge cars on a frozen lake circuit. Packed into a luxurious three-day experience, members were immersed in the Nordic lifestyle with panoramic helicopter tours, traditional Lappish meals, adventures on dog sleds, and much more.

A short snowmobile ride from the hotel to the frozen track started each day of action-packed racing. Expert instructors were on the scene to mentor drivers on advanced driving skills, including the art of drifting, high-speed passing at 110+ mph, and straight-away sprints at 136+ mph. The memorable week left drivers jaw-dropped, as one member said, "It was unbelievable for me how the 488 Challenge with spikes and on ice nevertheless brings so much power."

Evolving the programme into a true once-of-a-lifetime experience, Passione Ferrari Club Challenge continues planning future events around the world. View all current Ferrari 488 Challenge examples for sale on duPont REGISTRY by clicking the link below.

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