Some recalls affect millions of vehicles, but this one covers just one. Land Rover needs to fix a single 2023 Range Rover for an issue that could potentially cause a fire.

The affected Range Rover came from Land Rover's Solihull Vehicle Assembly Plant on November 9, 2022. During assembly, there was a 4.4-litre V8 engine with either an improperly installed or a missing gasket on the turbo oil drain pipe. This issue could cause oil to leak onto the exhaust manifold, which is a fire hazard.

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The Land Rover's chronology of deciding to conduct a recall goes into great detail about the company's method to identify the Range Rover to recall. On February 16 and February 21, 2023, the engine supplier advised the automaker that it suspected three of the V8 engines had a miss-fitted or missing turbo oil drain pipe gasket. Land Rover inspected and fixed these powerplants.

On March 3, the supplier told the automaker that there were two more engines with this problem. However, this time Land Rover had already shipped the affected vehicles from the factory. The company's Product Safety and Compliance Committee began an investigation. It then passed the info to the Recall Determination Committee, which decided to conduct a recall.

The other affected vehicle is not in the United States. The paperwork that Land Rover submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration didn't mention what country this model went to.

Land Rover will advise the affected owner about the problem. A technician will install a new turbo oil drain pipe gasket.

The fifth-generation Range Rover debuted for the 2022 model year. Land Rover packs it with tech like an adaptive air suspension with a new five-link rear axle that works with the navigation system to tweak the ride for the road ahead. There's also rear-wheel steering. An available noise-cancelling system uses speakers mounted in the four main headrests.

Since the launch, the company has introduced several limited-run, ultra-luxurious Range Rovers. For example, Carmel Edition had a price of $346,475 after the destination fee, and Land Rover made just 17 of them.