The BMW M2 CS stands as the hottest and lightest version of the performance coupe. And with the world bearing witness to the arrival of the new M2, the anticipation for the Competition and CS models naturally arises.

Unfortunately, BMW won't be making the next M2 Competition models soon. For those who couldn't wait for the next Competition or CS models, G-Power has a performance upgrade for the M2 CS called the G2M CS Bi-Turbo. It's an impressive performance upgrade, backed by the German tuning firm's almost 40 years of experience in optimising BMWs.

Gallery: BMW M2 CS Tuned By G-Power

The specialists at G-Power have transformed the M2 CS into an even high-performance machine with up to 660 bhp and 590 pound-feet (800 Newton-metres) of torque.

The power upgrade is achieved through a combination of hardware and software upgrades, including a sports downpipe, GP-660 injectors, a crankshaft central screw lock, a GP Deeptone exhaust system with four carbon-coated tailpipes, and the GP-700 turbocharger upgrade. The GP-700 turbocharger has compressors driven by the exhaust gas flow, which are made more efficient by larger compressor and turbine wheels, larger CNC-milled housings, and optimised turbine blades.

G-Power offers four stages of power upgrades, with options ranging from 500 bhp to 660 bhp. Customers can also choose additional modifications such as raising the Vmax limit, GTS transmission software, a CNC-milled charge-air cooler package, boost pipes, and sports air filters.

Aesthetic upgrades are also available, such as the Hurrica e RR forged rims and the GP-Dynamic Wing RR rear wing made of carbon, which not only enhances the car's appearance but also optimises downforce on the rear axle for improved stability at high speeds.

As mentioned, Markus Schroder has confirmed in an interview that there won't be new M2 Competition or CS models right off BMW showrooms in the next few years. You can either go for this G-Power-tuned F87 M2 CS or, as announced by the company, wait for the hardware and software upgrades for the newly revealed BMW M2, which should arrive in the next few weeks.