A Tesla Cybertruck prototype was spotted at the company’s test track in Fremont, California, doing on-road testing alongside other Tesla vehicles including – rather interestingly – a first-generation Roadster.

The all-electric pickup truck prototype was filmed from above by the Youtube user Chile Al100 and it looks like Tesla’s much-anticipated zero-emissions truck is getting closer and closer to its final production form, wearing the controversial single giga-wiper, the triangular side mirrors, panoramic glass roof, and a round steering wheel.

The wheels are not wearing the now patented black covers we saw on other occasions (and on the original prototype from 2019), but it was already clear that the American EV maker has deployed multiple test mules ahead of the model’s production start this summer, as confirmed by Elon Musk during the firm’s Q4 earnings call.

A couple of days ago we reported on a Cybertruck sighting that looked more production-ready than ever, with a closed tonneau cover, triangular side mirrors, and aero covers on wheels wearing all-season tyres.

Additionally, Tesla published a teaser of the crash testing phase on April 1, without actually showing the collision, but it’s another indication that the Fremont-based EV brand is quickly burning through the steps required to make the Cybertruck ready for certification and mass production. The company has even ramped up its hiring at the Texas Gigafactory for Cybertruck-related jobs and a second Giga Press was on its way to be assembled at the Austin facility.


As a reminder, Tesla’s electric pickup will reportedly feature a massive front boot similar to that of the Ford F-150 Lightning, where the whole front end of the car raises to reveal a spacious storage compartment. Additionally, the Cybertruck will be the first vehicle in Tesla’s portfolio to use a 48-volt battery for the low-voltage system.