The Australian Grand Prix promoter has been found in serious breach of FIA security protocols and safety measures after Formula 1 fans invaded the track before the race had ended.

In an unusual step, The Australian Grand Prix Corporation was formally summoned to the stewards after the conclusion of a chaotic third round of the 2023 world championship that was red-flagged on three occasions.

A fourth red flag was shown after Max Verstappen's Red Bull took the chequered flag after "a large group of spectators managed to break the security lines and accessed the track while the race was still ongoing," per the FIA's explanation.

Moreover, fans were able to reach the stranded Haas of Nico Hulkenberg which parked on the exit of Turn 2 after finishing seventh, which the stewards said "still had its light flashing red (i.e. the car was in an unsafe condition with possible electrical discharge".

Fans invade the circuit at Australian GP 2023

It found event organisers were found in breach of Article 12.2.1.h of the FIA's International Sporting Code and has requested that the promoter "urgently present a formal remediation plan to the FIA".

The stewards stated that "the security measures and the protocols which were expected to be in place for the Event were not enforced resulting in an unsafe environment for the spectators, drivers and race officials" and stated that the matter would be referred to the World Motor Sport Council "for a further investigation to determine whether any additional steps need to be taken or penalties applied beyond the remediation plan".

It comes after spectators infiltrated the circuit on the cool-down lap following the 2017 Australian Grand Prix.

The AGPC's investigation, which will consider existing protocols to examine how the track breach occurred and fans were able to access Hulkenberg's car while in an unsafe state, will be reviewed by the FIA and be conducted in consultation with regional police.

The promoter requested that it will be given until 30 June 2023 to conduct its investigation, although the stewards stated that this will need to be approved by the FIA.

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