Tesla China recently posted a teaser on social media for something called the "Cybervault" that will debut on April 3. According to Teslarati, the Chinese text on the poster reads, "Cyber-enhanced, balancing commuting and travelling; A technological appearance, fully meeting your expectations; This time, our protagonist is ___ ; Only 3 days left until the reveal." All we can say is... WTF?

What could the Cybervault be? Tesla has launched ancillary products before that have nothing to do with the electric vehicles it sells, but still somehow manage to garner the same attention as a Super Bowl ad. There was the bottle of tequila shaped like a lightning bolt, the bottle of beer in a Cybertruck-inspired bottle, the Tesla-branded surfboard, and the short shorts with "S3XY" on the butt. Is the Cybervault another one of these gag products that will sell out in minutes and flood eBay the next day?

Whatever it is, it's clear the Cybervault is somehow related to the upcoming Cybertruck. It has "Cyber" in its name, which is displayed on the poster in the same font as the official Cybertruck. The poster also contains an image of something draped in a black cover that's shaped like a large safe, perhaps. That's a guess, though, as there's no reference for size or depth on the poster. 

The teaser could also be referencing something we already know about, like the launch of Tesla's new, more powerful V4 superchargers, some of which are already operational in Europe. It could also have something to do with the wireless vehicle charger Tesla referenced during its Investor Day presentation

Despite lacking both a marketing and PR department, Tesla has always exhibited an amazing knack for attracting attention when it wants to. That's what this feels like, and at a time of the company's choosing – April 3rd, apparently – we'll find out what the fuss is all about.