Lancia still exists, and plans are in the works to expand the storied brand. We will glimpse that future on April 15 when a new concept car is revealed, but right now we're given a taste of what to expect through a new teaser photo looking down from above.

There's certainly no missing the big white circle on the black roof. We don't know its purpose, but it helps define the overall circular shape of the roof, curving aggressively around the rear with a milder arc at the front. The teaser also reveals horizontal lines stretching from the sides to wrap around the rear window. Lancia states these are reminiscent of Lancia Beta HPE from the 1970s, and its Venetian-blind-inspired structure.

We can also clearly see this new concept is a smallish two-door coupe. The doors flow into rear wings/fenders with a slight flare to what looks like a rather short rear. The front beyond the A-pillar is still hidden from sight, but the visible proportions suggest this concept will be fairly small in stature.

That's supported by the first teaser image we received for the special Lancia. It focused purely on the back, again offering a top-down look. The horizontal lines are prominent across the back window, but further down we can see a round taillight looking very much like that of the iconic Stratos. It's not a coincidence – Lancia specifically mentions the Stratos as the source of inspiration for the lights, and to that end, the short rear deck with the small spoiler and sharp lines also reminds us of the Stratos.

Lancia teaser concept

It's a stark contrast to the Ypsilon, the rounded compact city car which is currently the only vehicle Lancia offers. We don't expect this new concept to be a production model, but according to company CEO Luca Napolitano, it will showcase the future of the brand.

"The Lancia Concept is the brand manifesto for the next ten years," said Napolitano. "It is a 100 percent electric concept car which represents the evolution of the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, the three-dimensional sculpture presented last November during the Lancia Design Day. The Concept is the first vehicle of Lancia new era that includes features which will be present on future models in terms of design, sustainability, technology, and electrification."