Alpine is a brand with big plans for the years to come, like introducing electric SUVs. The A110 Metamorphosis sculpture by the Belgian artist Arne Quinze expresses "the concept of a dreamed future of the automobile and organic forms in the service of technology," according to the automaker's announcement. It's on display at the esplanade of the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, France, from March 30 through April 2.

The sculpture depicts an Alpine A110 that appears to be floating in the air. It uses an aluminium structure. Moving, multi-coloured lighting elements provide a visually dynamic element to the creation. Arching forms with a variety of holes come from the bottom, through the cabin, and out of the top.

Gallery: Alpine A110 Metamorphosis Art Car By Arne Quinze

Quinze's goal behind this sculpture is to show the union of nature and technology. The shapes put an emphasis on organic strength.

"This piece is the result of an exciting dialogue with Alpine to imagine a new form representing what, for me, symbolizes the magic of racing: speed and the fusion between the driver and his car, between man and technology, between speed and nature. I am convinced that it is by looking at nature that we find the most technical solutions, and that is what I wanted to show here," Quinze said. 

The Metamorphosis is far more extravagant than Alpine's art car for this event last year. The Sastruga from the artist collective Obvious used artificial intelligence to create a body wrap for the A110. 

Alpine had record sales of 3,546 vehicles in 2022, which was up 33 percent over the previous year. The A110 and its variants are the only models in the brand's current lineup. The company is eyeing an expansion of range by producing a sporty version of the electric Renault 5. Later, a GT X-Over crossover and an electric A110 would join the offerings. 

Alpine also plans to introduce two electric SUVs in 2027 and 2028, respectively. These two might even come to the United States. In terms of competitors, the brand would aim them against the Porsche Macan and Cayenne, which also have electricity in their futures.