Believe it or not, The Tesla Cybertruck is only a few months away from the start of initial production, which is expected this summer.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that test prototypes are being spotted more frequently on the road, especially in California, the home of Tesla's engineering team.

Earlier today we reported on the sighting of a Cybertruck prototype that was not fitted with the massive windscreen wiper, and now it's time to take a look at another Cybertruck that was spotted in traffic.

Posted on Twitter by The Kilowatts, the video shows the Tesla Cybertruck's four-wheel steering in action as the electric truck takes sharp turns at intersections in Palo Alto.

We can see the Cybertruck maintain its composure as it takes a quick right turn, something you wouldn't really expect to see from a truck of this size. The prototype is then seen doing some quick steering manoeuvres left and right as it was driving on the road, likely as part of the testing procedure.


The short video ends with the Tesla Cybertruck taking another 90-degree right turn in full confidence, with a very brief push of the brake pedal.

Judging from what we are seeing here, the manoeuvrability of the electric truck is really impressive. The video doesn't show the Cybertruck taking a U-turn, but we imagine the turning radius is really tight for a pickup truck judging by the way it turns and by the generous steering angle of the rear wheels seen in this video.

The video was shared on Twitter more than 2,000 times (and growing), including by Tesla shareholder Matthew Donegan-Ryan, who commented that the Cybertruck "will have the turning radius of a Model Y."

His retweet caught the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who made an even bolder statement: "Perhaps better than a Y in turning." For reference, the turning radius of a Tesla Model Y is 12.1 metres (39 feet 8 inches). Obviously, the Model Y does not offer rear-wheel steering.

Musk's comment is quite shocking considering the size difference between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Model Y. The crossover is 4,750 millimetres (187 inches) long, while the pickup truck is expected to be 5,867 mm (231 in) long.