If you've watched Drive To Survive on Netflix or attended an F1 event, you've probably wondered about the buildings the teams occupy in the paddock. Equipped with a full kitchen, eating space, and offices, they look like a permanent fixture at each track. In reality, these buildings are motorhomes transported to each race, and occasionally they come up for sale. 

The F1 motorhome in this video, shot by Matt Amys, belonged to the Force India team, which used it in 2018. Originally costing £4 million, it's listed for sale at the bargain price of €500,000 or the equivalent of £409,000. The only catch is it's located in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany... and it needs a crane and a small fleet of trucks to transport it.   

According to the description, the motorhome is "elegant and fully equipped" with sleeping areas, bathrooms, showers, and offices. There's even a top-floor lounge with a large deck to look out on the paddock. It's also fully furnished with all the desks, chairs, massage tables, and other fixtures the team used.  

Additionally, the buyer gets a trove of merchandise and souvenirs that were left with the motorhome, including pictures of the F1 cars, posters, track guides, training materials for various racetracks, and even a pair of Esteban Ocon's racing underwear. Too bad it doesn't come with one of the F1 cars or even room to carry your favourite sports car.   

Even so, the possibilities are endless for whoever buys the motorhome. They could start their own race team or roll up to any event and become the life of the party. It would make a great starting point for a unique home, much better than a tiny home or one made out of shipping containers. 

It's not as luxurious as some houses or the Kingsley Coach motorhome we saw last year. But the Force India motorhome offers an incredible amount of space. Considering the price of real estate, €500,000 is not a lot to spend on digs that are already liveable. And while the Force India team didn't have the same success as Red Bull, Mercedes, or McLaren, the team's motorhome is a cool and unique piece of F1 history.