The refreshed Volkswagen Touareg will debut in May. This video shows the company is still doing some cold-weather development of the updated SUV.

The Volkswagen development team disguises the updated headlights on the Touareg in this video. Official teaser images (below) reveal that a light bar runs underneath the main lamps and extends into the grille. The VW logo separates the two sections of illumination. The various trims would also receive tweaks to the lower fascia.

Gallery: 2024 Volkswagen Touareg facelift teasers

As is the norm for vehicle refreshes, there are no updates to the Touareg's flanks. VW will introduce some new wheel designs in diameters as large as 21 inches.

At the back, the Touareg gains new taillights. It's possible that there might be a light bar spanning the tail that the company is still keeping under wraps. Tiny tweaks to the bumper are possible for the various trim levels.

According to the teaser, the Touareg gains a sensor for measuring additional weight and making the necessary adjustments to the electronic stability control system. There are revisions to the standard and available air suspensions.

The teaser images provide a look into the cabin, and there's no sign of major changes. The screens appear to be the same, but there might be some software upgrades. Some of the trim looks different than the current model.

While the Touareg will look fresh, it will still have the same engines. A 3.0-litre turbodiesel V6 is available with 231 bhp and 369 pound-feet and 286 bhp and 442 lb-ft. A petrol-fuelled turbocharged V6 makes 340 bhp and 332 lb-ft. The eHybrid PHEV produces 381 bhp and 443 lb-ft, and the R eHybrid has 456 bhp and 516 lb-ft.

There's no indication that VW intends to bring the Touareg back to the United States. The Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport fill its role in the US.

If you want a more rugged offering in the US, then just wait. VW Group is launching the Scout brand in the country, including building a factory there. An electric pickup arrives first in 2026, and an SUV arrives later. Both of them would have retro-tinged styling with cues from the International Scout.