NuCamp specialises in making teardrop travel trailers. Its newest offering is the Leaf + Linen Signature Series of the existing TAB S model. The company is making 80 examples of the special edition offering. The company is not detailing pricing.

Leaf + Linen is a clothing and home goods boutique in Baltic, Ohio, that specialises in items with a comfy, vaguely farmhouse aesthetic. NuCamp partners with the company for the interior appearance of this trailer.

Gallery: NuCamp Leaf + Linen Signature Series TAB S Camping Trailer

Inside, the Leaf + Linen edition features neutral colours like light grey, subtle wood finishes, and white elements. The company's video (above) describes it as having a "restorative" feeling.

"We aimed to combine the quality nuCamp build with Leaf + Linen's clean style and sophistication to make a travel trailer you'll fall in love with every time you walk in," said NuCamp CEO Scott Hubble, 

The amenities include a kitchenette with a two-burner gas stove and a refrigerator. There's a wet bathroom, meaning the toilet is not separate from the shower area. The sitting space in the dinette converts into a mattress to sleep. The trailer has a water heater and air conditioning. 

NuCamp is highlighting that the cabinets use real wood components. The company says the quality is on par with "premium class B motorised units."

The exterior graphics are the colour "Metallic Champagne," which has a beige hue in these images. The Leaf + Linen logo is on the rear. The side features a stylised twig with leaves coming off of it. The trailer rides on knobby Goodyear tyres.

The mechanical aspects include a pitched axle with wheels that have knobby Goodyear tires. In front, there's an aluminium platform for affixing gear. A solar panel is on the roof.

The TAB S trailer has an exterior length of 15 feet and 3 inches (4.6 metres). The rear width is 6 feet and 8 inches (2 metres). The full height is 7 feet and 8 inches (2.3 metres). Inside, there are 5 feet and 9 inches (1.75 metres) of standing room. The freshwater tank measures 19 gallons (72 litres). Plus, there are 18-gallon (68 litre) grey and 5-gallon (19 litre) black water tanks.