The FIA has launched an invitation to tyre manufacturers to apply for the exclusive Formula 1 supply deal that will commence in 2025 and potentially last for four seasons.

Pirelli has been the sole provider of tyres to the series since 2011. This followed on from a one-make deal with Bridgestone, which also featured alongside Michelin in the last tyre war that ran through the mid-2000s.

While the Italian manufacturer is fully expected to apply once again and then retain the rights, the motorsport governing body has issued a customary invitation to tender for the single supply of F1 tyres. The successful applicant will also gain the contract for the Formula 2 and Formula 3 support championships.

This new deal will come into effect for the 2025 campaign and last for at least three seasons, while an option for 2028 will also be up for consideration.

The design brief and desired tyre behaviour will remain largely unchanged from the current 23-inch specification (for the 18-inch wheel rims) that was enlarged for 2022. Like the basic characteristics, sizing will not change either in a bid to remain relevant to the road car industry.

An FIA statement read: “These targets have been agreed through consultation with the commercial rights holders and the teams, and are designed to ensure a wide working range, minimise overheating, and have low degradation whilst also creating the possibility for variation in strategy.”

Max Verstappen at Singapore GP 2022

However, the brief for the new supplier has now evolved to have a greater consideration for sustainability, as an extension of F1’s drive to be net-zero carbon by 2030.

The FIA brief continues: “The tender will also require potential suppliers to supply an analysis of the environmental impact of the tyres used in Formula 1, and the successful bid will need to demonstrate best practice and innovation when considering the complete life cycle of the tyres.”

Also of note, the new tyres will be equipped with electronic identification to improve the efficiency of the scrutineering procedures.

A more detailed technical brief for the F2 and F3 supply deal will be issued in the next fortnight.

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