Woodworking is easy to learn but takes years to master. Ask any parent that's shaped a Pinewood Derby car, and they will tell you that the only shortcoming of a child's imagination is the skill needed to bring it to life. With enough practice, you can learn to create extraordinary, intricate, realistic objects like the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz in this video on Awesome Woodcraft's YouTube channel. 

It starts with a series of rough cuts using a jigsaw to form the car's sides, doors, front grille, and rear section. Once the rough cuts are completed, the artist employs wood chisels to round out the features of the body and grille. The Cadillac Eldorado's iconic tailfins take shape, as do features like wings/fenders and doors. 

Rather than carve the entire car out of a single block of wood, he uses several blocks, starting with cardboard templates and then cutting and shaping each panel to fit precisely. The panel gaps on the wood car put the original 1959 Eldorado to shame. 

When lacking a template, the artist sketches details like the shape of the lights and the pattern of the grille and rear bumper. Then it's on to the interior as the dashboard, seats, and door panels take shape. The engine bay is next, with the engine taking shape before it's covered with a bonnet. 

Wheels are shaped using a lathe and a variety of chisels. Each tire is rounded out, followed by the wheel and hubcap. Tires are given a coat of black paint and are the only parts not left with a natural wood finish. Somehow despite the lack of colour, the wood Cadillac conveys a high degree of realism. 

The most impressive feature is the suspension. It's not visible when looking at the car, but underneath, it's a wooden marvel with steel springs and hinges that actuate the steering and suspension travel. 

Finally, the Cadillac is assembled, and it's nothing short of amazing how all the pieces fit together. Awesome Woodcraft has many incredibly lifelike vehicles on their YouTube channel, including a replica of the DeLorean from Back to the Future and Dom's Charger from Fast 8.