Lego has launched a teaser campaign on Twitter, which involved a classic Land Rover Defender and an upcoming special Lego "store."

In the social media post embedded below and accessible through the source link at the bottom, Lego posted a video of an aerial shot of the Scottish Highlands, talking about adventures and teasing "The hardest to reach Lego store in the world." The video stars a yellow classic Defender 110 marked as a Lego store on top of a mountain. The montage concluded with Lego branding, Land Rover "Classic" logo, and the phrase "Adults Welcome."


Meanwhile, the social media post itself came with a caption that says, "I guess you could say ... this store kinda went a little off-road. Any wild guesses what one might find in this store?"

There are several things to make out from the teaser. First, the more obvious and most literal, is that Lego is setting up a store in the Scottish Highlands. The exact location of that store has yet to be revealed, though we doubt this was what the toy company meant.

However, the final part of the teaser was telling us that Lego might be cooking something up about a brick-built classic Defender.

Of note, Lego introduced a Technic build of the new Defender a few years ago. This supposed classic Defender would be different from that Technic set and could be part of the Lego Icons – a sub-theme of Lego Creator aimed at adults.

Our speculation is further supported by leaked information that circulated last year, which rumoured that a classic Lego Defender was to be introduced by the brand. While there was no information about the colour or specific functions of the set, it was said to arrive with 2,336 pieces, suggesting that it will be highly detailed and may even have a fair amount of interior space. The set will allegedly retail for $239.99 (approx. £200) and is set to be released on April 1, 2023.

However, we need to remind you that these are just speculations and unconfirmed rumours at this point, so best to take these things with a touch of salt. We'll learn more in the weeks or months to come.

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