Amaury Guichon makes gorgeous sculptures out of chocolate. His latest work depicts the most delicious Hyundai Ioniq 6 in the world. This video chronicles the model's creation starting from an empty table and a pitcher of liquid chocolate.

He starts by creating a large rectangle out of chocolate and drawing the Ioniq 6's silhouette. This is the template for cutting out each side of the car. He bends hunks of material for forming elements like the bonnet, windscreen, and roof.

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He uses the same type of tools you'd need for sculpting clay and trims the chocolate to add design details. After spending some time on the front fascia, rear bumper, and spoiler, the model looks like a brown Ioniq 6.

The next step is to apply paint to make the chocolate car look more realistic. The white body goes on first. Then, he masks things off and applies the black details. The taillights are a separate layer of paint.

Guichon uses a lathe to create the tyres. It's quite messy but car more delicious than shaping a piece of wood this way. A cutting machine makes the complicated pattern for the wheels. 

The last step is applying tiny Hyundai logos and the Ioniq 6 lettering.

The chocolate Ioniq 6 seems to have a blunter nose than the real thing. However, it's incredibly impressive to see someone use a material like chocolate to shape an identifiable Ioniq 6.

In the United Kingdom, the Ioniq 6 is available with only one 77 kWh powertrain. Buyers can get a rear-drive variant with 225 bhp with a maximum electric range 338 miles WLTP, and the all-wheel-drive version has 320 bhp with 322 miles of WLTP range. 

Prices start at £46,745. The top Ultimate trim of the AWD model goes for £50,245.