A Tesla Model 3 owner was slowly coming to a stop at a red light at night when a car hit him from behind at full speed. The collision sent the electric saloon spinning a full 180 degrees. While the Model 3 was badly damaged at the rear, it was fortunate that it just barely avoided hitting the Jeep Wrangler that was stopped at the light ahead of it. 

Dario Rodriquez, the owner of the brand-new Tesla Model 3 Performance had just left a movie with his girlfriend. They weren't far from the cinema in Panama City, Florida, when the crash occurred. As it turns out, the teenage girl who rear-ended the Tesla had also just left the same movie. She had others in the car as well, and thankfully, despite the violent impact, no one in the car was injured.

Sadly, Dario's girlfriend suffered from a substantial contusion on her thigh. She was reportedly leaning forward and using the Tesla's touch screen to search through music when the car was unexpectedly hit in the rear.

The police were contacted, and they arrived to write up a police report. Dario filed a claim with his insurance. Initially, the Model 3 was going to cost about $13,000 to repair. However, upon further inspection, the damage added up to a whopping $50,000, so the Tesla was considered a total loss.

The video clip doesn't go into detail about whether or not the police needed to consult the TeslaCam footage as part of their report. However, in the case of a rear-end accident, the person being rear-ended is rarely considered at fault.

In this case, it seemed quite clear that Dario was just proceeding to stop at a red light when the other driver failed to do the same. That said, having access to such footage can prove very helpful if there's any question about the precise details of the accident.

Check out the full video above for more details about the Tesla Model 3 crash. Much like other Wham Baam Teslacam features, the video above contains 19 additional stories from Tesla owners, including various crashes, near misses, hit-and-run accidents, and other TeslaCam and Tesla Sentry mode footage.