Tesla's two new colours, Quicksilver and Ultra Red, have received lots of praise for their richer depth. And with Ultra Red now being available on the Model S and X, we can compare its quality with its predecessor - Red Multicoat. 

Twitter use The Kilowatts recently captured a new Ultra Red Model X alongside a Multicoat Model Y. From the below photos you can clearly see the difference between the two shades of red. Undoubtedly, Ultra Red gives a more premium look versus the somewhat basic Multicoat.


While the paint shop at Tesla's Fremont factory has received several upgrades over the past few years, it's still significantly behind the firm's Giga Berlin equivalent. The Giga Berlin paint shop is described as the "world's most advanced" with an ability to apply up to 13 layers of paint for improved dimension and depth.

Ultra Red can now be specced on the Model S and X for $3,000 (approx. £2,500). Meanwhile, those based in Germany can option Quicksilver and 'Midnight Cherry Red' (very similar to Ultra Red) for €3,000 (£2,650). Interestingly, Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are only available to German customers despite Giga Berlin covering all of Europe's Model 3 and Y production.