Morgan has built a one-off Plus Four for a prominent collector of the company’s cars. It’s called the Spiaggina, which roughly translates from Italian as beach car or cruiser, and the special Morgan looks the part.

Morgan based the Spiaggina on the Plus Four, with the company’s steel chassis underpinning the build. However, the company made some big modifications to meet the customer’s requests. The most striking feature from the outside is the handcrafted fringed aluminium canopy. It folds upward like wings, with Morgan lining it with basketweave leather.

Gallery: One-Off Morgan Plus Four Spiaggina

The company uses the same leather material for the seats and interior trim, taking inspiration from vintage Spiaggina models. Morgan paired the material with a liberal amount of teakwood throughout the cabin. The Spiaggina features rear seats that can fold flat to form a rear boat deck, which features a cork inlay, perfect for carrying all your beach-going equipment.

Morgan completed the one-off commission in 2022, but it’s just now revealing it to the world. The company actually updated the Plus Four for 2023, making significant changes to the cabin with the superformed aluminium dashboard, an optional cupholder, and an eight-speaker Sennheiser sound system. The model also got upgraded dampers and suspension bushings, electronic stability control, airbags, a glovebox, and more.

Morgan didn’t detail the powertrain, but the unique Plus Four likely uses the BMW-sourced turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine found in the model. It makes 255 bhp, enough to send the car to 60 miles per hour in under five seconds.

The company has been highlighting its customisation options as of late. In November, the company debuted a one-off Morgan Super 3, which showcased the company’s personalisation capability. It collaborated with Orlebar Brown, the swimwear brand, on the build. The three-wheeler featured custom laser-cut luggage racks, custom fabric in the cabin, and other touches that integrated OB’s colours into the design.

The Morgan Plus Four Spiaggina might not fit everyone’s tastes, but it is a gorgeous callback to the beach cars from the 1950s and 1960s that cruised Europe’s sandy shores. Morgan’s recent push highlighting its personalisation efforts might hint at more one-off creations from the company.