Tesla announced that its new Model S cars have undergone a sort of quiet refresh, which includes a new “high-visibility glass roof,” alongside the already-known improvements like the integration of the company’s new Hardware 4 computer, the free option of a round steering wheel, and a new paint colour.

The American EV maker sent an email to its customers underlining the whole list of changes, according to Electrek, which includes the introduction of an improved panoramic roof for the Model S:

"Our new Model S roof glass lets in more light, allowing a clearer view of the sky, day or night, while maintaining the same level of heat and UV protection."

As per the carmaker, the new roof “weighs less and lets in five times more light” compared to the previous iteration of the glass roof offered on the four-door electric saloon, all while providing the same level of UV protection and improving handling, thanks to the lowering of the centre of gravity.

For a quick recap, Tesla’s updates to the Model S include a new Ultra Red paint colour, the free option of a round steering wheel (a yoke-style wheel is still offered), a lighter glass roof, improved brake pads with higher thermal capacity that should offer better overall braking performance, and the integration of the company’s Hardware 4 Autopilot and Self-Driving computer, which comes with new sensors and cameras.


Interestingly, though, as Electrek reports, Tesla didn’t say a single thing about the new Autopilot computer in its latest communications, but it did mention the recent price cut that applies to both the Model S and the Model X.

Also, Hardware 4-equipped cars are already reaching customers, but as one customer reported, all the driver assistance features were broken after taking delivery, with a service appointment set in place to fix everything.