This Audi A3 Sportback wears very little camouflage giving us a great look at the refreshed model. Plus, it wears an attractive shade of dark green.

The inlets in the corners of the front fascia are one of the areas where Audi's engineers cover up this A3 Sportback. Hiding them suggests there is a new shape that the company isn't yet ready to reveal.

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Elsewhere, the grille continues to have a hexagonal mesh pattern. The Four Rings logo now sticks out from the top of this area. The headlights appear to have the same shape, but there are updated graphics inside of them. 

This A3 Sportback rides on wheels with a complex spoke pattern. They come out diagonally from the hub and split into V-shaped sections at the rim.

At the back, the engineers put foil on the taillights to conceal their revised design. Their shape seems the same. The company also covers up the lower part of the rear bumper to hide the changes.

So far, we don't have a good look inside the refreshed A3 Sportback. From looking through the windows, it doesn't appear that there are any significant alterations in there. Some tech upgrades are possible, though.

We also don't have specifics about powertrain changes for the refreshed A3. Currently, buyers have multiple engine options to choose from. Spy shots already show that new S3 and RS3 variants are on the way.

Given the small amount of camouflage on this car, Audi doesn't seem to mind people seeing it. This might be an indication that the premiere is happening soon. However, we wouldn't expect the S3 and RS3 to debut at the same time. The automaker generally staggers the introduction of new model variants.

Audi is working on electrifying its whole range. The ones directly on the horizon are the A6 and Q6 E-Tron, including high-performance RS variants. Plus, the next-gen A8 reportedly adopts styling similar to the Grandsphere Concept. There are renderings of an A3 E-Tron EV, but so far there are no spy shots of the automaker in active development of one.