Mitsubishi has announced a new mid-term plan that will accelerate its decarbonisation efforts. Dubbed "Challenge 2025," it puts an emphasis on hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and purely electric vehicles by ramping up development. Out of a total of 16 new cars coming out in the next five years, nine of them will be electrified, either partially or entirely.

The product roadmap for 2023-2025 shows a new pickup truck coming around 2024 will be joined about a year later by a PPV, which is an abbreviation for Pickup-based Passenger Vehicle. In other words, a ladder-frame SUV that utilises the underpinnings of a truck. Both will be powered by combustion engines, much like a new three-row SUV and a two-row hybrid SUV also coming by the middle of the decade.

Mitsubishi product roadmap

By 2028, Mitsubishi intends to launch several electric vehicles: a pickup truck, a two-row SUV, plus two additional EVs developed in collaboration with Renault and Nissan. The slideshow prepared for the "Challenge 2025" presentation also includes ICE and hybrid MPVs, a hybrid variant of the Xpander, and a new kei car for Japan.

By 2030, the Japanese brand hopes to have half of its global sales represented by electrified cars. To get there, it indents to invest 200 billion yen (approx. £1.23 billion) to source the necessary batteries. Meanwhile, CO2 emissions across the range are projected to go down by 40 percent in the next three years.

Fast forward to 2035, Mitsubishi's lineup will only consist of hybrid and electric models. Achieving the ambitious goal will be done by strengthening ties with alliance partners Renault and Nissan. We are already seeing signs of a closer relationship with the new ASX serving as a rebadged Captur. In addition, the next Colt coming later this year will essentially be a reskinned Clio. 

For North America, Mitsubishi is planning an "enhanced and electrified product lineup" for the next three years during which it aims to collaborate closely with Nissan.