We learned recently that in addition to refreshing the Tesla Model 3 saloon, it appears Tesla is taking a similar path with its larger and newer sibling, the Model Y crossover. While we don't yet have a whole lot of concrete information about either project, it has been recently reported that the Model Y "Juniper" Project may not provide a substantial exterior refresh.

Tesla has been working on the Model 3 "Highland" Project for some time now, and we've seen several examples of what appear to be refreshed Model 3 EVs out testing under wraps. More recently, it was reported that Tesla is also working on the similar Project Juniper, which applies to the Model Y.

According to a new report by Teslarati, the upcoming changes to the Model Y may be in the form of widespread modifications that aren't necessarily considered a notable overhaul or restyling. The updates are expected to be implemented at some point next year for late 2024 model-year Model Y SUVs.

Based on details shared by Reuters, Tesla started connecting with suppliers as part of the refresh process. The publication notes that a production date of October 2024 was found in information shared with suppliers.

A source with information on the matter shared with Not A Tesla App that the refresh to the Model Y may be similar to the recent updates to the Model S and Model X. The flagship models essentially look the same on the outside, but they have updated interiors and technology features.

While the same could be true of the Model 3 Project Highland, the examples we've seen in the wild have had the front and rear of the vehicle covered, which suggests there are obvious exterior design changes. The Model 3 is older than the Model Y and arguably due for a larger update, but we have no way of knowing for sure how it will all play out.

Tesla has confirmed that it's working to simplify designs and cut costs in addition to bringing a brand-new EV platform to market. The new platform will be used to produce vehicles at the automaker's future factory in Mexico at around 50% of the costs of the Model 3 and Model Y.