You don’t need a lot of horsepower to set impressive lap times at the race track. Weight is just as crucial to acceleration as power; the less you have, the quicker you go. Division 1 Superkarts have only 100 bhp on tap, but they also weigh just 145 kilograms (320 pounds) without the driver. This gives them otherworldly power-to-weight ratios that the Overdrive crew on YouTube got to experience firsthand at Rockingham Speedway in the UK.

Division 1 Superkarts don’t have seatbelts, operating more like motorcycles than Formula 1 cars, which adds to the danger. They make about 690 bhp per ton, which is more than the McLaren Senna and any full-blown GT3 race car. The oversized roller skate packs a punch.

The video highlights how difficult and scary it is to drive a D1 kart, even far from its limit. Callum was the first to attempt some laps, spinning out in the first corner after applying a tiny amount of throttle in the curve before the tyres fully warmed up. It took him a few laps to push the kart, hitting 105 miles per hour on the front straight. He completed his run just as hot engine components next to him burnt his jacket sleeve.

Scott got in for his go after lunch, but not before lapping the track in a modified Subaru to establish a base time. The channel built the Subaru to lap a track quicker than a Lamborghini, so it isn’t slow.

It took the Subaru just over 1 minute to complete a lap. Scott then hopped into the superkart, and after a few warm-up passes, he rocketed around the track more than two seconds quicker. Scott, who has driven vintage Formula 1 cars, shook with excitement after returning to the pits, struggling to verbalize his driving experience.

Division 1 Superkarts have a power-to-weight ratio better than everyday supercars. Their unique, bare-bones design puts performance at the forefront, which makes them thrillingly fun to drive.