Buses are great for more than just hauling screaming kids to kindergarten. They have become popular vehicles to convert into motorhomes. It's often cheaper to buy a bus and build it yourself, which is what one musician did, purchasing a 8.2-metre 1983 International school bus and converting it into his perfect mobile workspace and home.

Mike, the owner, wanted to recreate the feel of a cabin, using a lot of natural wood in the design. It creates a warm and inviting space, with visitors entering through the living room. A small couch sits on one side, which hides batteries for the solar panels. Sitting opposite that is a hidden 88-key keyboard where Mike composes music. Behind the keyboard is a retractable TV that can raise and lower. It can also serve as his computer monitor.

Next to the living area is the wood-burning stove that features a stone surround. The kitchen is located next to the keyboard. It has a small fridge, a three-burner propane stovetop, and cabinets above and below the wood counter.

At the back is the bed and bedroom, but the space underneath serves several purposes. It houses the drawers for clothes, but it also lifts to expose a small storage area where Mike keeps tools, extra food, wood for the stove, and other supplies. The space also houses his fresh water tank and water heater, and it's accessible from the back.

A small wet bath is located between the bedroom and the wood stove. The bus also has a roof patio, which is accessible from inside the bus through the rooftop hatch. The deck shares the roof with the solar panels. It took Mike two years to build the bus. 

We have covered plenty of converted buses on Motor1.com, and each has been unique, just like this one. These builds allow owners to inject their personalities and creativity into their homes, living life on the road the way they want to.