The BMW E39 M5 is an iconic car that has been out of production for nearly two decades. For some people, it's a dream car but for this video, it's a pre-loved machine left unused for 10 years, collecting dust and time inside a warehouse.

The 23,000-mile E39 M5 was found in an abandoned furniture store in upstate New York, covered in debris and fallen sheetrock. Detailer Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC worked with Matt Ivanhoe from The Cultivated Collector to restore the car to its former glory.

The first step was to get the car running before the deep clean. Kosilla started by power washing the car and removing the aftermarket BBS wheels to get easier access to the suspension and undercarriage to remove the grease and grime, and spider webs found everywhere.

The paint and undercarriage of the BMW M5 were then cleaned and dried. The interior was restored back to its original factory condition by removing the surface dust, the light mould, and the hand and foot smudges. For the carpets, a fabric cleaner and a red stiff bristle brush were used to penetrate deep into the fibres before using an air diffuser to blow the lifted dirt up to the surface.

On the grease or oil stains that are commonly found on floor mats, Kosilla used Titan Degreaser with a pH level of 12 in just those specific areas to lift the oil and then power brush the rest of the carpet. He then steam cleaned until everything was perfect.

With the floor mats and interior carpets freshly steam cleaned and looking brand new, Kosilla focused on polishing the paint with his six-inch sheer wool pad and polishing fluid to remove the minor swirls and love marks. He followed up with his white waffle foam pad and polishing fluid once again for a huge 50/50.

At the end of the week-long detailing and restoration process, the BMW E39 M5 is now shockingly glossy and looked like it just came out of the factory. It looks like a time capsule, rid of the 10 years it lost sitting unused. Even better, it's currently for sale.