If you want a new Bentley with two doors then the Continental GT and limited-run Batur are the options in the current lineup. However, the coachbuilder Ares appears to be working on a solution. Based on its teaser and accompanying description, the company is working on a Mulsanne coupe.

So far, there's only a single teaser image of the vehicle, and it only shows the bonnet and a portion of the door. Ares calls the creation Bentley Coupè Sport. 


Bentley retired the Mulsanne in 2020 and allowed the Flying Spur to take over as the brand's flagship four-door saloon. The company said goodbye to the big saloon by introducing the 6.75 Edition by Mulliner in 2020. Using the Speed variant as a starting point, the automaker made 30 examples of the special model.

The Mulsanne was also the final Bentley to be available with a variant of the brand's long-lived 6.75-litre V8. Its design dated back to the late 1950s, but the company's engineers continued to iterate on the powerplant over the years, including adding turbochargers.

Bentley removed the Mulsanne from the lineup in part because of the Bentayga's popularity. In 2019, the company only sold around 500 examples of the saloon, according to CEO Adrian Hallmark. In comparison, the SUV accounted for 42 percent of the automaker's 15,174 deliveries in 2022. Plus, the brand continues to offer the Flying Spur for anyone who absolutely wants a traditional four-door offering from the brand.

Bentley is now preparing to introduce an electric vehicle. The current plan is to launch it in 2026, after originally intending for a 2025 introduction. According to the available info, the model will be the brand's flagship product. After that, four more EVs will join the lineup before the end of the decade.